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Vos van de Noordt

Nassaustraat 13
Vos van de Noordt

Hello there, future music player!
My name is Vos van der Noordt and I am a recent graduate of Interactive Performance Design (HKU).
I am a musician, performer and interaction designer and I experience great pleasure in expressing myself artistically, in front of an audience and in front of myself.
The goal of my graduation work called "Move Surround" is to help people to also be able to express themselves through sound. For this I took the opportunity to connect my knowledge about interaction and music and designed an instrument; an instrument where through movement, live, you create a unique composition of sound. This composition can be made individually, but certainly also in collaboration. Just click on the links to see how it works!
During and after the game there is room for conversation to find out what the composition says about you. You do not need to have a musical or artistic background for this experience.
The important thing is that you play!
I look forward to meeting you in this expressive space where we will explore together what you want to formulate with music. I look forward to seeing what your composition will sound like!
See you soon!


Move Surround Promo:

Playing together:



Vos van de Noordt
Vos van de Noordt
Vos van de Noordt
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