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Drieharingstraat 6

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht presents:
In the dance performance DIEP, three women explore in text, movement and in themselves and each other, their 'diepte'. What does 'diepte' mean to us and how do we deal with it? What happens when we look
look inside and feel? When we get to know the deeper grounds of ourselves get to know, where do we end up? Sometimes you are deep and you you can't get out and you need another person to learn to
understand. During DIEP, SERIÓÓS tries to let go of the context to embrace silence.

Credits Diep
Choreografy, concept: SERIÓÓS
Dansers: Fiona Dekkers, Jasmin Deekman, Meis Köster
Music: Kenzo Alvares
Made possible by: ISH dance collective

NL - Wheelchair Accessible

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