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Sebastiaan de Bie

Lepelaarstraat 8BIS
Sebastiaan de Bie

Sebastiaan de Bie (1999) is a comedian and actor.
In 2021 he graduated from the Amsterdamse Toneelschool & Kleinkunstacademie.
He makes tragical-comedy monologues, which are a mix of cabaret, theatre and stand-up comedy.

He talks a lot about love and sex (and even more often about the lack of those two).
And he speaks about loneliness and his neverending quest of how to deal with this fucking thing called life.
He is rude, but also tender.
He is a cynic, but a romantic one.
He is honest, although not everything he says is true.
He is a sensitive soul who slaps you in the face with humor.
Because above anything else, it’s going to be funny.
Since life is hard enough already.


Sebastiaan de Bie
Sebastiaan de Bie
Sebastiaan de Bie
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