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De Charmantedreef 32, Utrecht, Nederland

Fenne Scholte is an upcoming artist from Utrecht that promises to be her authentic self in everything she does. She released her first album at 21, containing only original songs. She's graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Utrecht in 2022 and gave her graduation
concert in a sold-out Cloud 9, Tivoli Vredenburg. FENNE's music has been described as surprising, melodic and touching. By combining different genres she's proving herself to be versatile and open to all sorts of music. Having grown up in a family of musicians, both classical and jazz, she's got a lot of background to work with.

Although she doesn't want to pin herself down to making and writing in only one genre,
the one constant factor in her music is improvisation and personality. Like diary entries, her
lyrics encompass dreams and expectations, disappointments and desires. With lots of
unexpected harmonies, played over a distinct groove with memorable melodies, the
people she works with are talented musicians who can take on many difficult forms and

FENNE has been on many big stages already: ESNS Groningen, Grachtenfestival Amsterdam, Fringe Festival Amsterdam, Tivoli Vredenburg and Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch. In 2022 she had her own episode of "New Generations" on NPO2 Extra, telling about herself and her project at the time: finding your inner child again. In may 2022 she won the Charles Mingus prize for "Best Composition" for her song: "Wish I Could Sing".

ENG - Wheelchair Accessible

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